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Competition night!

Party starts at 22:00. Do not be late. You can register for Mix & Match from 22:00 until 23:00. Preelims start at 23:15. Bon chance!

Filming a promo video

As we have a new stiking “combo”, where ViX is now bound to Swing New Year, we will also be making a promo video. So dance a lot and smile if you see camera around.

Competitions on ViX!

30th of December will be the night for competition. You can join and win some nice prizes… mmmmm 🙂 There will be Mix&Match (Jack&Jill) and some other fun competitions, that we will announce later. Join the fun!

Swingwagon will play!

Among many artist on Vix 2019 will be excllent SWINGWAGON from Austria. They will play for us live at he main New Year`s ball!

ViX merges with Swing New Year in Ljubljana!

ViX has new dates! From now on its purpose is to create an romantic ambient in which dancers get o know Ljubljana nad Slovenia, attend nice workshops and wild parties and dance into the New Year with dancers friends (…
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