ViX – Vintage Exchange (30-31. December 2023)

We invite you to experience Ljubljana at its best – embeded in  lights!

ViX presents a great (and really affordable option) for dancers to spend some quality time together, dancing the nights away in lovely Ljubljana, get to know Slovenia and renown slovenian hospitality, try some local food, taste excellent slovenian wines and make some new memories.

It is one of the best New Year`s options for dancers, who love lovely cities, almost fairytale venues, good dancing music, nice people, excellent food and love to party. Let us not forget the price… (only 50€ for two workshops and two parties).

Plan is to:

    • have the best New Year`s party ever
    • get to know new friends
    • dance (a lot) to international DJs
    • visit Christmas market
    • try some traditional slovenian pastry
    • find out which mulled wine of the lot on Christmas market is the best
    • To try slovenian traditional food
    • to visit “The Good Fairy”
    • find out why is Ljubljana one of the most romantic cities in the world
    • make some beautiful memories
    • be happy



ing official web-page: http://www.vintage.si/